Our Vision

SDI envisions a society where all the people will have equal opportunity and access to
resources to realize their human potentials and quality of life aspirations.

Our Mission

The initiative or the agenda was to trigger a self-empowerment process whereby the
poor and powerless can take charge of their own self actualization agenda and
empowering people for their participation in the decision making process effecting
their lives.

Our Values

Investing more in women directly to reduce poverty through substantial economic  and social pay off is the core strategy pursued by SDI. Empowerment of rural poor and  hard to reach poor specially women and fringe communities by way of creation of jobs and sustainable livelihood and access to credit without collateral. SDI pursues a sustainable human development policy, which is pro-poor, pro-nature,pro-jobs and pro-women. SDI aims at alleviation of poverty and empowerment of the poor in more operational terms such as access to institutional supports and facilities(for credit, technical, health, and education services) and concurrent fostering of localinstitutions which fights against threat to human rights, political rights and threatens environment.

 Self directed development and ultimate ownership of the initiatives by the people
 To strengthen the capacity of its object population for sustainable development
and serve as a synergic resources to achieve it.
 To focus its resources on a series of objectives central to sustainable human
 Facilitation of sustainable livelihood enhancing social conditions for rural women.
 Protection, promotion and regeneration of environment
 Improving access to health care and health education for practice of hygiene and
behavior changes.
 RIGHTS based approach Advocacy and social mobilization for human and
children’s right.
 Improving Humanitarian Capacity Building.
 Technology support for sprit up income.

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability
of future generations to meet their own needs.

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